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Try before you bite!

Week beginning Monday 6th April 2020 


Now let's get started on Week 3.  This week we are leading up to Easter Day, Sunday 12th April.


To set the scene, watch the video: 

This will give you the 2 stories of Jesus washing his friends' feet and The Last Supper. 


Craft Idea:

Make your own table for Jesus and his friends to eat at!  You will need an egg box and a sheet of paper of your choice.  You could draw some meal items on it – meat, bread, fish, wine, goblets, plates etc. Then draw some disciples and job done!

I have the great privilege of forging pastoral and friendship links with many families in and around Truro, through our TMC group, ToddleAlong, for preschool children and their carers, as well as Messy Church for families and frequent assembly visits to local primary schools. 
My heart is in raising awareness of the content and stories of the Bible through activities, fun and worship.

Introducing Janet Tredrea

Family Worker

Truro (with Tresillian) Methodist Church

Take a moment to look at the closed egg- think about the closed tomb where Jesus’ friends put his  body.  Talk about what it feels like when we are left on our own, or someone we know dies.  Ask God to help everyone who is sad, upset or lonely or who has lost someone they love.

Break one half into pieces

When Jesus died it was not the end of the story. He rose to new life and was no longer inside the tomb. Something amazing had happened!

Talk about when, in life, the children might like the chance to start over again – maybe they have fallen out with someone or they would like to move on from something they did wrong.  Silently tell God anything you are sorry about and ask him to give you a new start. Thank God for chances to start again and ask Him to help people who are scared, worried or ashamed so that they can have hope of a new start too

Then eat the chocolate!       Happy Easter!!

Alternative Messy Church

At TMC, we were going to invite you to Messy Church this Tuesday but instead please follow this link and be prepared to get messy! 

A good way to share with family far away is to each get some spring twigs.  Then you design and colour some eggs and pop them in the post. The recipient does the same back to you so by Easter Day you each have a tree of eggs to help you remember each other!


Follow the link to the Youth TMC youtube page for videos from Toddle Along and youth events!

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