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Even though Paul experienced a scary event, God was with him and was taking care of him and those around him.  Like a lighthouse keeps sailors safe from rocky cliffs or running aground, we believe God is looking out for us as well.  Perhaps sing along to this track, My Lighthouse by Rend Collective and learn the dance moves as well!

You wil need:


2 x White paper (pre-cut one of these into three small squares to be used as sails)


Brown paint and a paint brush




1)  Draw a stormy sea scene





2)  Using brown paint, paint one hand brown and carefully create a handprint on the sea scene 












3)  Glue the three white squares on to the fingers of the handprint to create sails

Week beginning Monday 29th June 2020 


Welcome to Week 15 of our resources. 


This week at church we heard about how one of God's followers was caught in a storm while on a boat but he wasn't afraid.  God spoke to Paul and reassured him that everyone on the ship would be saved!  Watch the full adventure here: 

I have the great privilege of forging pastoral and friendship links with many families in and around Truro, through our TMC group, ToddleAlong, for preschool children and their carers, as well as Messy Church for families and frequent assembly visits to local primary schools. 
My heart is in raising awareness of the content and stories of the Bible through activities, fun and worship.

Introducing Janet Tredrea

Family Worker

Truro (with Tresillian) Methodist Church

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Creative ideas!

You will need:

· A large cardboard tube with a lid (such as an empty Pringles tube)

· A piece of cardboard (approx. 20cm x 20cm for the base)

· A clear plastic yogurt pot

· A piece of white paper

· Blue tissue paper

· Grey or silver tissue paper

· Glue

· Scissors

· Red sticky tape

· Clear sticky tape

· Marker pen

· A battery-powered tea light





 1) Glue a piece of blue tissue paper to the piece of cardboard to make the base for the lighthouse. 

 2) Spread glue all over the cardboard tube. Cover with the white paper and trim around the edges if needed.

 3) Use red sticky tape to create horizontal stripes going up the tube.  Use a marker place to add any details, such as windows and doors.

4) Glue the tube to the blue cardboard base with the lid uppermost.

5) Scrunch up pieces of grey or silver tissue paper to make the rocks around the base of the lighthouse. Glue in place around the bottom of the cardboard tube.

6) Turn on the battery-powered tea light and place on the lid of the cardboard tube. Place the clear plastic yogurt pot over the top and use a couple of pieces of clear sticky tape to hold in place.


How to draw a ship and a shipwreck craft

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