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We can spread the good news of Jesus through lots of creative ways- balloons, wristbands, invitations to Messy Church, getting our Sunday services out on the internet etc. etc

In some countries it is against the law to share about Jesus but his followers still try to do it. They have to whisper it or tell each other in secret.

Have a few games of Chinese Whispers at home to see if that is an easy way to tell people about Jesus!!!

Some people find special ways like sending balloons with gospel messages inside.


Older members of your family might like


Jesus also said that spreading his word was like shining light into dark places.

Do you know this song?


In this time of lockdown let us see if we can try to spread the seeds and light of Jesus to as many people as we can in as many different ways we can think of!


                           Happy Sowing!!

Spreading the Good News

Week beginning Monday 18th May 2020 


Welcome to Week 9 of our resources.  


Last week we did an activity with seeds  - Spring is usually planting time so we will think about seeds this week too.

Do you know the Parable of the Sower?

Jesus was probably watching a farmer scattering seeds when he told this story. 


I have the great privilege of forging pastoral and friendship links with many families in and around Truro, through our TMC group, ToddleAlong, for preschool children and their carers, as well as Messy Church for families and frequent assembly visits to local primary schools. 
My heart is in raising awareness of the content and stories of the Bible through activities, fun and worship.

Introducing Janet Tredrea

Family Worker

Truro (with Tresillian) Methodist Church

Follow the link to the Youth TMC youtube page for videos from Toddle Along and youth events!

Sowing the seeds story is about ways of spreading the good news of Jesus

Try this sort of tongue twister..

The Sower sowed by scattering the seed and sending it out

Practice saying it and then have fun with some others like..

Does your sport shop stock short socks with spots? You can find loads on the internet.


Fancy a spot of cooking this week?


Can you design a bird a bit like this using a circle of bread or a rice cake?

Useful ingredients are slice of salami, yellow pepper, slice of cheese, hard boiled egg, carrot, black olives etc.


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