* Because of the Corona Virus we will be streaming both morning services from 15th March*

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11am Sunday Praise

To hear our telephone 'Call to Worship'. Click play below.


A View from the Shed

This is series of videos that the Rev Mark Dunn-Wilson has made during lockdown.  If you want to see them all, click here to be taken to his Youtube channel.

I have realised something that has surprised me: I have been angry for weeks now. Parts 1 and 2 come with a health warning.

Part 2 of my reflection on 'anger' as my personal anger seems to be joined by the anger of the whole world! And, then there's that story about turning the tables in the temple courts: my that Jesus got angry!!

Truro (with Tresillian) Methodist Church

'...how about something a bit more "cuddly" next time?' OK then - here it is. Why its important to remember how to cuddle

In response to numerous requests, it is now possible to make your financial gifts online.  Please click on the Dona picture and follow the instructions.

An exciting new worship event, click on the image for more information.

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