Truro Community Hub

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The Towns Fund Prospectus highlights that social investments – such as community hubs – can create spaces for people to meet and build on a town’s pride of place. This transformational, high quality and deliverable project, Truro Community Hub, located in the heart of
Truro, will enable community cohesion and resilience through the provision of exceptional, adaptable facilities, accessible for all, cementing the role of this landmark Methodist building as part of a more resilient, culturally alive community.

The Trustees of Truro Methodist Church have adopted the ‘Five Steps to Wellbeing’ framework (Connect, Be Active, Learn, Give and Take Notice – developed by the NHS and adopted by MIND) as the core principle guiding the programme development on the city-centre site and are excited by the prospect of developing further partnerships in resourcing and supporting the whole spectrum of community life.

Truro Community Hub
is a transformational,
high quality and
deliverable project

A more resilient community needs a thriving voluntary sector, which in turn needs facilities where people
can meet and get support in a safe environment. Truro Community Hub builds on a community focus established on the site over many decades. From childhood experiences, to educational, social and recreational groups, through to friendship and support groups, the site has been and continues to be a key focus for community cohesion in the locality. Prior to the pandemic more than 1000 people used the current premises every week, and there were always more people and groups wanting to come than could be accommodated.

The Truro Community Hub project repurposes a significant part of a Grade II heritage asset in Truro town centre. The low carbon, modern design will add value to the buildings aesthetics and will provide a significant community focus to the locality. There will be a community café, outdoor terrace and roof garden, along with multi-purpose meeting rooms and spaces for the arts, education, health and recreation. An extensive, professionally conducted, community audit undertaken in 2018, shaped the development of the Project alongside a diverse range of existing users, as well as identifying opportunities for developing uses in the future.

  • The Truro Community Hub seeks to provide:
  • a community cafe and gathering place
  • community meals with facilities to cook for up to 120 people
  • a base for Truro Foodbank and Street Pastors
  • a “Changing Places” toilet
  • soundproof music area with AV facilities
  • medical room for community health initiatives
  • creativity zone – art, crafts and music
  • large spaces for concerts, lectures, teaching, meetings and conferences
  • Instrumental, band and choral rehearsal space
  • education space to supplement out of city provision
  • toddler groups
  • space and support for those experiencing bereavement or loneliness
  • youth groups
  • recreational activities
  • bike parking and secure internal lockers
  • dementia friendly events
  • internet access
  • counselling
  • adult education provision
  • digital literacy
  • occupational therapy
  • informal work spaces
  • ‘Drop in’ places for social interaction
  • focused work on good mental health
  • healthy living support
  • friendship and conversation spaces
  • community art displays areas
  • electric vehicle charging points
  • . . . and so much more.